Gregory Beaver

Gregory Beaver

Beginning in the fall of 2018, cellist Gregory Beaver will pursue a calling as a teacher of cello and chamber music, blending the art of performing with the art of improvement itself.

From the beginning of his work as a performer, Mr. Beaver has been fascinated with the process of growing. Whether trying to master a string quartet deeply, learning a new technique rapidly, or developing a student cellist into a dynamic artist, Mr. Beaver takes delight in the act of self-actualization. With 80% of his former students pursuing many successful careers in music, he already has a proven track record helping students directly realize their dreams.

In the future, he will work to develop great cellists who are advocates for both the instrument and for the importance of classical music itself in a changing world. As this exciting transition begins, he will also expand both his solo performing and composition activities. He is currently working on a set of etudes that fill in gaps in the canon, and plans to record J.S. Bach’s 6 Solo Cello Suites.

He also makes the best guacamole in the West, and will continue to spend time with his wife Hyeyung, 2 daughters, and cat.

Read more at www.gregorybeaver.com